5 Tips to Improve Your Conference Room

From team meetings, important clients, sales, and presentations, your conference room is the main hub of activity in your office. The conference room can leave a big impression and impact on your clients and your employees. It is important that it is a comfortable space that is conducive to work and efficiency. Bring your conference room up to date with these five easy tips from our office furniture store in Wilmington, MA


1. Lighting

Meetings, events, and happenings in the conference room range from five minutes to multiple hours, and not all conference rooms have the luxury of windows. A room that is well lit will improve the focus, morale, performance, and the mood of your team. A dark room makes people relaxed and tired. Find a balance that ensures your room is welcoming and active, but not glaring bright.

2. Seating

It is important to find comfortable, attractive, supportive chairs for your conference room. Comfortable chairs will make it easier to sit in longer meetings. Look for chairs with back support, reclining ability and armrests so that your employees and clients are comfortable. Black leather has been a standard in professionalism and comfort in the conference room. But be sure to find something that suits the feel of your office.  Be sure to buy extra chairs to use to be prepared if conference room chairs needs replacing.

3. Furniture

You want your conference room furniture to be a face for the company. With clients coming in and out, you the conference room to leave a good impression on them outdated, clunky furniture will give off the idea that maybe your company is older and outdated. If your conference room table is scratched or dented, consider replacing it.

4. Coffee Maker

We recommend keeping the coffeemaker out of the conference room. Staying in a cramped space for too long makes staff feel impatient and burnt out. Leaving the room for water or coffee is a great excuse for a taking short breaks during long meetings.

5. Wall Color

There is a whole psychological study dedicated to the impact of  colors o human behavior. Colors have an impact on our mood and our emotions. Avoid painting the walls bold colors like red which can cause aggression. Blues are more peaceful and promotes creativity, whereas green us calming and refreshing. Colors that are too bold can be distracting. Colors that are too dark can put your meeting to sleep or feel uncomfortable. When it comes to colors, keep it simple.


Improving your conference room can improve your work flow. At Brooks Bargain we are here as a resource for new and used office furniture located in Wilmington, MA. For office space design and planning, contact us at 978-988-1300 for more information.