Affordable Office Design Ideas

Every business owner wants to have an inviting and beautiful office space, but not everyone can afford it. We focus on affordable solutions at Brooks Bargain by helping business owners and decorators find affordable used office furniture. Here are a few ideas for keeping costs down while giving your office a great new look:

  • Bring in plants to liven up the office. Having natural colors like green and brown can help keep everyone sane. A glimpse of the outdoors can be very relaxing, and a great visual alternative to white, gray, or black.
  • Be a neat freak. One way to expand the amount of space in your office is to actively reduce clutter. Don’t let the mess build up on you or your office will get a lot smaller. Give your employees plenty of storage options and encourage them to keep their desks clean. This will go very far in having a presentable office.
  • Buy unique art for the office. Avoid buying “corporate” art that has become too common in office environments. Instead, find photos or paintings that are more unique, without bearing too much cost.
  • Use your brand to help decorate. You have a logo that you probably had professionally made. Don’t just limit it to your business card and letterheads. Have it painted onto a wall. This will improve your branding and you don’t have to design anything if you already have a logo.

Office design does not have to be expensive. Brooks Bargain can help you keep costs down with quality used office furniture at an affordable cost.

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