Bring Summer Fun To The Office

Summer is finally here and everyone is ready to enjoy the warm weather they have been waiting for all winter long. A trend that is a usual occurrence in the office space is low productivity, mostly because employees want to be outside doing outdoor activities. To help keep productivity up in the office, try bringing the summer into the office and treating your employees. Here are some tips for summer fun for the office space.

  • Company Picnic – Throw a company picnic where employees can invite family and friends. This is a great way to enjoy the weather while building a bond with your employees. Having team-building activities such as sports and arts and crafts ( for adults and employee’s children) along with good food. A small gesture that shows you care about your employees while letting them enjoy the fresh air.
  • Work Outdoors – It is hard to get work done when employees are looking out the window day dreaming of the things they can be doing. To fix this have a day where employees can do work outside of the office and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Hawaiian Shirt Day – It is not the same as being there, but having a day (other than casual Friday’s) where employees can dress down is always a good idea. It boosts moral and gives employees a reason to relax for a bit. Hawaiian shirts resemble summer and vacation, so giving your employee the feeling of being on “vacation” at work is a great way to ensure productivity is sustained.
  • Artistic Freedom – Whiteboards are great to jot down ideas, set up an outline for a meeting and much more. For the summer, try having a whiteboard that is solely for employees to draw art and doodle on. It is a nice break from the office and it is interesting to see what they can come up with. In addition, you can have countdowns for vacations, company outings, etc on the whiteboard to give something for workers to look forward to.

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