Used & Refurbished

pre-owned office furnitureThere are many reasons to consider purchasing, renting, or leasing used office furniture. With Brooks Bargain, you get all of the benefits of buying used without compromising on quality, quantity, or style. We have an incredible selection of pre-owned furniture to view in our showrooms in Wilmington, MA, an Portland, ME and even more available in our warehouse.

The benefits of purchasing used & refurbished furniture:

Lower Price

Everyone wants high quality name brands at a lower price. Don’t sacrifice on the real wants and needs of your office space. Buying pre-owned will allow you to buy the brands you like at the price you’ll like.
Buying pre-owned furniture is economically sensible. Just like buying a new vehicle, the value of new furniture depreciates quickly, it’s worth half its value after just one day of use. Buying pre-owned saves you from the additional costs and mark ups due to dealer expenses that contribute to the higher price tag of brand new products. You want the furniture, not the dealers expenses. Pay a lower price up front, every time.

High Quality

It is hard to trust the quality of new items. In the clean light of a showroom, lower quality furniture is displayed to look more appealing than they actually are.  A lower price tag in a big retail store means that they are selling cheaper goods. We would never buy or sell the cheaply made stuff. You can trust that all of the pre-owned furniture items in our showroom were acquired solely for their quality.  They are good looking, quality manufactured furniture, and an extremely reasonable price.

Environmentally Friendly

Choosing to buy pre-owned, used and refurbished office furniture will be one of the most important environmental decisions you
will make for your business. Buying pre-owned furniture is a great way to contribute to your company’s environmental impact planning and marketing. You and your company can be a part of reducing the enormous environmental impact of the manufacturing, production, and shipping of new office furniture. Buying pre-owned will reduce the amount of resources spent and wasted by these manufacturers. By purchasing used furniture, you are showing that your company is environmentally conscious and is choosing to contribute positively.


At Brooks Bargain we have been supplying the Greater Boston Area with the best selection of used, refurbished & pre-owned furniture since 1988. Our clients trust us to outfit their offices, schools, universities, libraries, and temporary workplaces, and we will do anything to deliver.
For more information about our selection of new, used & refurbished furniture visit our showrooms
at either 5 Waltham St in Wilmington, MA or 305 Commercial St. in Portland, ME,
or call Steven Berry at 761-207-0166.