How Can You Improve Your Lobby?

Your lobby is where your company often makes its first impression. If you have potential clients into your offices for meetings, this can be where you first meet and introduce yourself. Interviewees first get an idea for your company when they enter your lobby. This is a key area for office design that can make or break first impressions.

What are your goals for lobby design?

The basic needs of an inviting lobby are comfortable furniture, some entertainment in the form of televisions or magazines, and tables. For furniture choices, go with something comfortable and modern. Comfortable and modern chairs and couches with some color are great for a lobby. If you don’t expect too many people to ever be in the lobby at the same time, keep it light with the amount of furniture and have ample space between each piece of furniture. You have to remember that these are in a forward facing room, meaning that the lobby is extremely visible and everyone coming in and out of your office will see it. This is a room where you want to spend more on appearance.

Entertainment choices come down to your industry. If you expect people to have long waits in your lobby, you may want to invest in a television. However, if most people are only in your lobby for a few minutes at most, some magazines will probably do the trick. If you have any brochures or print material about your company, you should include some of these as well.

For tables, you should have at least a low table accessible from all the seating. You can use smaller end tables next to couches as well. These can be good places to leave brochures about your company and services.

When thinking about colors, think about your company’s colors and branding. Incorporate your logo onto your walls and artwork in order to solidify your brand presence.

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