How Office Design Can Be Used to Promote Teamwork

For most office spaces, the days of the cubicles are being phased out. Most managers and business owners have come to realize that putting people in boxes kills their stamina, drive, and the ability to interact with coworkers. Some of the best ideas for a company can come from simple interaction and conversation between employees. Additionally, so many projects can rely on a team working well together. A great way to increase team work is to build an office environment that fosters it.

  • Try to create arrangements of furniture that will allow employees the chance to face each other. Create opportunities for conversation. Create workstations that allow a couple of people to work in the same area. If you’re using desks, try having them face each other so that a couple of desks can turn into an area for a team to work together. This gives your employees the situation needed for interaction.
  • Allow space for different sized teams. This can mean having rooms dedicated to larger groups and meetings. Additionally, “nooks” in the office for small two or three person groups to work together can be just as essential.
  • Create adaptable workplaces. Easily movable workstations and movable office chairs can make it so meeting areas can be quickly arranged. This gives people to work together as well as work on their own, depending on what they need.

Thinking about sparking teamwork and innovation in your office? Are you willing to give up some control in order to give employees the freedom to interact and inspire each other?  It really comes down to thinking outside the box. Give employees the opportunity and the environment to work together, and they will. 

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