How to Improve Ergonomics in the Office

Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in the workplace. Good ergonomics in the office can improve productivity, lead to higher quality work, improve the health of your work force, and decrease employee turnover. In an office space, the most effective way to improve ergonomics is to invest in ergonomic chairs. The following attributes make an office chair more ergonomic:

  • Height is essential for an ergonomic office chair. They should be put at a height so that you can comfortably sit with good posture and your computer will be at eye level. You should not have to strain your neck in order to have a good view of your computer monitor or laptop. Make sure that your office chairs have an adjustable height.
  • Ergonomic chairs should have great lumbar support. This means that your lower back should be well supported. Poor support of the lower back can lead to severe pain.
  • Armrests should be fully adjustable so that employees can fit them to their height. Armrests are important for reducing strain on the arms and shoulders. The keyboard and mouse should be accessible with the elbows at a 90 degree angle and resting on the armrests.
  • Also make sure your chairs have a smooth swivel. Having a swivel chair makes it easy to move around your workstation without straining yourself.

These are the most important aspects of an ergonomic chair. Additionally, don’t forget to encourage short breaks at work! Looking away from a computer screen occasionally is essential for reducing eye strain.


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