How to Increase Creativity with Office Design

Our work-space and workplace can have a huge effect on how we think and operate. Making thoughtful decisions when designing your work-space can have a very positive effect on productivity and creativity. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating an office environment that is comfortable while inspiring creativity.

  • Lighting: It should be a given that natural lighting is the most comfortable lighting to use. Florescent bulbs are a drain to work under. Also, try letting your employees have personal lamps at their work desks so that they have some control over how much lighting they want.
  • Colors: Artwork and different colored walls can provide a great change from the typical white or off-white colored wall. If you can help it, don’t just pick a generic painting that has 10,000 copies. Find something unique and inspiring that will make people remember your office.
  • Furniture: Move-able work stations give employees some freedom to choose where they are working. This gives your employees the opportunity to work together or alone.
  • Free spaces: Rooms that don’t have any taken seating can be freed up as open work-space. Allow your employees the opportunity to work in a different space than usual. A new set-up and the ability to get away from your desk for a few hours can inspire creativity.
  • Open spaces: Allow some open space in your office so that walking paths are clear and open in the heavy traffic areas. This allows opportunities for employees to interact and have chance meetings. Open space also prevents people from feeling claustrophobic or uncomfortable.

Not all of these ideas are completely necessary, and won’t work in every work environment. But with a little bit of thought, your office design can help boost morale and creativity for your employees and work force.

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