How to Make Your Office Environmentally Friendly AND Save Money

Easy Ways to Making Your Office Space More Earth Friendly

As a seller of new and used office furniture, we understand the value of re-using materials to reduce waste and consumption in the work place. The office is one place where people are generally unaware of their levels of consumption of materials. It is easy to overlook the overuse of resources in a communal space. Browse some of these ideas to reducing waste and energy costs in your office

Shop Used Furniture

If you are looking to replace or buy furniture for your office space, save money by buying pre-owned office furniture. Filing cabinets, desks, chairs, and cubicles are stacking up in warehouses after companies go out of business or decide to remodel. The furniture is all in perfectly good shape, and there is no reason they should be thrown away. Instead of buying new office furniture, shop our selection of used office furniture. It saves you money, and it reduces the amount of  materials being wasted in production of new furniture and removal and destruction of old furniture. You still get excellent quality furniture, but in a more environmentally and cost conscious manner.


Turn out the lights! When an area of the office is not in use, be sure to turn off the lights. Same goes for unused technology like computers. Turning them off at the end of the night will reduce energy consumption and costs

Go Paperless or Reduce Printing

Eliminate or reduce the amount of printing and paper used in the office by replacing paper memos, reports, and records with digital messages and documents. To reduce printing you can use double sided printing and use black and white instead of colored ink. Instead of replacing ink cartridges, try refilling  them as an eco-friendly substitute.

Reuse & Recycle

Some materials are still good after light usage. Consider re-using office supplies like manila envelopes, boxes, bubble wrap etc. You can use paper from bad print jobs for notes and phone memos. You should also be separating your trash from recyclables and make sure your building is enrolled in a recycling pick up program. 

At Brooks Bargain we understand how valuable your money and resources are. Help make your office more efficient by shopping with us for new & used furniture for you office including chairs, cubicles, desks, conference room tables, and more at our location in Wilmington, MA.