Office Cubicle Benefits and Options

When purchasing, renting, or leasing office cubicles, it’s important to consider your office’s needs. Cubicles maximize office space, provide a private professional space while still promoting collaboration, all at a cost effective price. A benefit to the employer is that an employee in a cubicle, as opposed to other options, will keep their materials contained and is less likely to “slack off.” Cubicles can be created to be large or small, wide or narrow, and tall or short. Discerning how much interfacing you want your employees to have a high, medium, or low partition wall are options. Corner, double, multiple and stand alone cubicles can fit your office space needs. Acoustical panels lower sound volume by 40% increasing the feeling of personal space where as, choosing non-acoustical panels is a cost savings. Cubicles can be outfitted with single or multiple box/box/files or file/file pedestals so that employees have the right amount of storage and filing needs met. Brooks Bargain sells affordable pre-owned cubicles that are always in excellent condition with many options. We will work with you, your office space and budget, to meet your desires.






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