Office Furniture FAQ: Can You Match My Existing Furniture?

Is your office expanding? Need extra office furniture pieces that match?

We get many inquiries of companies looking for office furniture that matches their existing set. A need for additional furniture pieces can result for many reasons: the furniture may be old and worn out and need new parts, or the needs and size of your office are changing.We have helped customers find additional chairs, desks, tables, filing cabinets, and cubicles that match the same brand and color as the office furniture they already have to help keep a professional look of continuity to their workplace.

If you are looking for a chair or desk that is similar or the same as the ones that you currently have in your office, call us at Brooks Bargain to discuss your office furniture needs. Our showroom and warehouse stock are constantly changing. We carry new and used furniture of top name brands such as Haworth, Herman Miller, and Steel Case to provide you with quality products that match your exact needs. For more information and for specific requests, contact us at 716-207-0166 or visit our showroom in Wilmington, MA

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