Office Trends for 2015

As each year passes us by, we start to evaluate things differently in the workplace. The office environment is constantly evolving as employees, manager, and owners all begin to see the office space differently. Here are a few trends in office design and environment to look out for in 2015.

  • Telecommuting: For years now, working from home has become more accessible for more people. As technology develops, more people than ever have access to high speed WiFi in their own home. In 2015, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops will enable even more people to work from home.
  • Valuing design: With more millennials  entering the workforce, companies are striving to create a friendly work environment with an updated and fun design. More companies feel the pressure to create open work environments like Google in order to attract the best talent.
  • Office mobility: More companies and workers are valuing the ability to move around the workplace quickly in order to collaborate with others or just to feel a sense of freedom in the office. Mobile technology carts and mobile desks are essential for keeping the workplace fluid in 2015.
  • Open design: The use of lounge areas and open hangout areas will be more prevalent in 2015, as the trend away from individual workstations continues to develop. Companies now value the ability for their employees to come together and collaborate, as the workers see open work areas as inviting and enriching.
  • Sitting/standing desks: A trend that has taken off in the last couple years is the sitting and standing desks. More workers feel constrained by the need to sit all day, and prefer the option to move into a standing position for some of their work. The sitting/standing desk allows for this option.

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