Office Trends in 2016

At the end of each year we evaluate the year that has just passed and look towards the goals for the new year. This includes the office space as well as office trends, as the workplace is ever evolving to keep up with newer generations expectations and trends. Here is a short list of office trends that you could see in 2016.

  • Workplace Flexibility – In a time where people are starting to value personal time more and more, flexibility in the workplace is becoming a popular topic. Employees are working more than 40 hours in a workweek and managers having a need for their employees to be available during personal time. With this statistic, workers are often keen to bringing up flexibility in conversation when interviewing. As well, depending on the flexibility programs a company has, workers will leave or stay depending on if they favor the program a company offers.
  • Office Design – As technology is on the rise and more employees are telecommuting, businesses are working on making an environment that saves them money and keeps employees content. A trend that may become more apparent is companies leaving open space areas to multi-facet offices, thus cutting down office size. Some employees thrive in cube type set ups while others prefer open space and lounge areas. By giving employees options, as well as furniture that is comfortable and flexible, they can become more productive and happy.
  • Automation – The evolution of technology will forever be changing, and with this, businesses are looking at more ways to reduce costs. This could be more machinery in the workplace or different ways to make some jobs easier. This may look bad for employees but as some jobs are lost, more are created.
  • Play Time – As more newer generations enter the workforce, employers are working on keeping up with trends and newer work styles. This includes lounge areas and gaming facilities (pool tables, ping pong, etc) in the office. It creates a relaxing environment as well as incorporating employees to engage with each other and creating employee satisfaction.
  • Going Green – As the world turns more “green”, so are companies when looking for buildings that promote clean energy. Businesses are now looking for LEED certified buildings that help with energy conservation. This tends to be more cost-saving for employers.

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