Pros & Cons Of Open Floor Plans

The insides of offices have evolved over the years as technology has advanced, advances in furniture, as well as employee behavior changing. As businesses are tending to employee needs and making sure everyone is comfortable in the work place. One of the major changes that have been a fad to ensure employee happiness is open floor plans. These plans create a friendlier feel to the office as well as giving the work place a more modern look. Below are a list of pros and cons on how efficient open floor plans are to an office building.


  • Encourages collaboration among employees.
  • Saves the company money since you won’t need to order to much furniture.
  • Managers can sit with their groups to help their team rather than distancing themselves with their own offices.
  • Depending on the design, it can cause productivity and prove to be more efficient than cubicles.


  • Noise from employees conversing can be a distraction to others.
  • If not designed properly, an open floor plan can serve as inefficient as fluidity is compromised.
  • If employees need privacy for a call or meeting they do not have that option. Which is why we suggest having a conference room set up for this instance.
  • Employees may not engage with each other which will be counter intuitive to how an open floor plan promotes collaboration.

Even with the pros and cons of an open floor plan, they do serve as a different alternative to the traditional cubicle layout of an office. If you feel your company has a modern feel to it, an open floor plan may be the route for you. If you have any questions about office furniture or layouts please contact us today!

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