Replacing Office Desks with Tables

Many modern offices have forgone the classic desk layout for a simpler array of tables. This change has come about for a number of reasons. One reason is that prebuilt desks typically give the average office worker too many features that just are not necessary. Desks still come with features that were designed for traditional desktop computers. An area for a CPU and a keyboard are no longer necessary when most professionals use laptops nowadays. Additionally, CD holders are no longer necessary when most software is delivered digitally.

Tables that accommodate multiple people are great for modern offices. They allow a couple people to set up laptops and other work materials without any frivolous features. Many offices also set up power stations attached to those tables, so that their workers can easily set up and plug in laptops and phones no matter where they are working. The table set-up does have some down sides, mainly that their is little room for storage. This makes some alternative storage features necessary, such as filing cabinets or other shelving.

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