Spring Cleaning Tips for your Office

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house. Your office also needs a yearly tune-up after months of winter neglect. A disorganized and cluttered office can inhibit your team’s productivity and overall comfort level. Keeping your office clean looks good for your company.

Reduce your desk items to just the things you need. A good rule is to have only your everyday, necessary items within reach. Reducing desk clutter is a good first step to overall tidiness.

Throw out, shred, or recycle old files and documents for old projects or accounts. Buried at the bottom of a pile is probably a list of notes for a project that you completed six months ago. Clearing out paper is a good way to quickly clean your office space, and it feels good to put old work behind you.

Disinfect your laptop, keyboard, mouse, and phone. Anything that you or coworkers touch on an everyday basis is going to have a lot of germs on it. After the cold and flu season, it is a good idea to disinfect these items to have a clean and touch-friendly work-space.

Clear out your “catch-all” drawers, baskets, and cabinets. Old receipts, business cards, and post-it notes pile up in your catch-all area, and you’ll realize you never really needed any of the little notes to begin with. It’s good to have a catch-all when you are trying to get things done but spring cleaning time a good opportunity to sort through it.

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